We’re Here to Support Each Other

We’re Here to Support Each Other

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Parenting Adolescents, Trending, Tween Times


I admired Jennifer’s 100% motivation to get things done, achieve goals, and be kind. With naturally high serotonin levels, her enthusiasm, curiosity, and attitude were off the charts. For years she inspired me! Gradually that energy changed. With lessening vitality she recognized the decline of her superpower.


For reasons unknown, gradually, gloom shrouded her.

It was more severe than resistance, procrastination, and rationalization. It was deeper than not wanting to get off the couch, delaying a project or making excuses. Jennifer tried cognitive decision-making to leverage her deficit. It became her mission to do one thing – to push through. But as time went by, even with her determination and courage, she could only perform the basics of everyday life. And then less.


Low mood, sadness, and feeling stuck ambushed her. It was nothing she’d done.

The support and outreach of friends and family didn’t lessen her depression. But knowing people cared, accepted, and loved her mattered. The significant action was her brave and bold friend who gently convinced her to see a therapist and drove her to each appointment. The presence of and relationship with her therapist slowly lifted depression’s hold. 


Jennifer continues to seek help when she recognizes the signs. 

Adolescents currently have the highest rate of depression. And young women more so than young men. I don’t share this to frighten you, but to increase your awareness and monitoring. No one knows your child as well as you do.


You are the advocate.

The pain of depression is harsh and lonely. If your child or someone you know is suffering from any level of depression, you can be with them and arrange treatment. If you feel like Jennifer, ask your person to help you find mental health support. Getting support is a superpower. Being mentally healthy is as well.


For suicide information, dial 988. Click here to learn what happens when you call.

We are in this together. I am always here to support you.



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