I wrote this parent leadership book with you in mind! It’s my privilege to empower you and your family to thrive together during the challenging tween years. You’ll love the stories at the beginning of each chapter and be confident implementing each new strategy by the end. You will treasure being the parent you always hoped to be.


What one parent shared with me after reading Chapter 7:

“I didn’t know how to help my 7th grader tell me the truth before I read your book, JoAnn. Now we’ve moved from massive conflicts to trust. I didn’t think this was possible. Thank you, JoAnn.”

The best guide for parents raising tweens!

Parents will love these benefits:
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It’s a struggle to keep day-to-day life with your tween pleasant. As they retreat to their rooms, display unpredictable moods, ignore your texts, challenge your every word, and want complete independence from you, parenting is tougher than ever. It’s hard to know what to do, yet your child needs you!

Not long ago, you had parenting down, and your child acquiesced. But now, those methods prove ineffective and cause more problems than they resolve. You need a new approach. In fact, you must let them go and learn how to lead your tween through the transition from a child to an adult so you can thrive together.

The good news is, you have a parenting playbook available to help you make the switch. Loving the Alien—How to Parent Your Tween, provides parents of tweens with fresh insights into understanding their children and how to approach them. It features step-by-step instructions that facilitate easy assimilation and application. It makes your leadership role easier while eliminating heavy-handedness, punitive measures, and power struggles. What parents learn in this book will empower them to support and connect well with their children for this journey and beyond.

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