“As a result of being coached by JoAnn, the contentious relationship between my daughter and me ended. I learned that it was me who had to take the high road and make changes. JoAnn’s challenges and encouragement motivated me. She believed in me. Now, I’m proud of the changes I’ve made, and I look forward to spending time with her. JoAnn held me accountable, encouraged, and motivated me. She believed in me. Now, I’m proud of the changes I’ve made, and my time with my daughter is enjoyable.”


“JoAnn taught me how to design and build stronger relationships with my children based on respect, trust, and love. She challenged me in ways that increased my enthusiasm, energy, and empathy. The insights and strategies I acquired spill over into my relationships with my students, friends, and family. Life couldn’t be better.”


“JoAnn shared with our parents what they should expect as their child enters middle school. The parenting and leadership strategies are invaluable.”

Sean Perry, Principal, Homestead Elementary School

“The group interaction, entertaining clips, and JoAnn’s stories make the workshops fun! The best part was that when I applied the strategies at home, I felt confident and the power struggles ended!”

Lauren, CHES

“JoAnn Schauf is a dynamic speaker who uses experience and humor to equip parents for the tween years. She teaches strategic parenting so we and our Tweens can do more than survive middle school.”


“JoAnn explains things in a way that parents can fully grasp, take home, and make their lives better with their tweens/teens. JoAnn makes teenagers not so scary!”


Our Client Stories

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Your Tween & You gives you the tools and strategies for parents and adolescents to thrive together. We coach both parents and adolescents, in addition to presenting engaging workshops geared towards working best with adolescents.

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Gabriella Mac
Gabriella M.
So thankful for JoAnn's guidance through the tumultuous tween years. Her workshops are so great -- I signed up for private coaching to get help navigating my parenting. She is so insightful, so encouraging and so kind. Her coaching was a game-changer for me. I don't know what I would have done without her.
solomon alem
solomon A.
It's Never too late to say thank you,Thank You !!!“You are the best because you brought out the best in us.”Thank You!!!
Cindy White
Cindy W.
JoAnne spoke at one of our National Charity League's Patroness Meetings in San Diego. She was wonderful! JoAnn has a great presentation style and is insightful and interactive with her audience. She truly is the parent whisperer and we would love to have her back to speak again in the future.
Maria Ethetton
Maria E.
We had a wonderful experience with the Your Tween & You presentation at RISD Academy. The class we interesting, and captured our attention from start to finish. The interaction with other parents was also impactful. I am still friends with some of the parents I met in my group at Your Tween & You! Raising a Tween is not easy. Getting information to help navigate through this stage, Priceless!
john Hall
john H.
I attended the Tween and You class at the Coppell Library. The information I learned at the class was immediately applicable and really helped me refocus my parenting to meet the needs of my pre-teens.
Gregory Speck
Gregory S.
Allisen Hwang
Allisen H.
The teenage years are not only challenging for the teenagers, but for the parents as well. I was so glad that I found JoAnn! She has helped me to become a better parent. Thank you!!
Michelle Ifft
Michelle I.
I contacted JoAnn when I found myself "walking on eggshells" in my relationship with my beloved daughter. I was lost as to how to open communication and experience the closeness we once had. The positive changes started when I told my daughter that I was talking with someone because I wanted a better relationship with her. She was deeply touched that our relationship was so important to me that I would seek help to understand what I could do to improve it. With JoAnn's compassionate insight I was able to see things that I could not have on my own. JoAnn provides a completely safe, and affirming environment. She is an awesome listener, and she is a great resource for books, articles, and websites that were so helpful too. My relationship with my daughter now has simply never been better. We have grown so much in our love and respect for each other. What a great investment in the future too!
Yolanda Gaither
Yolanda G.
I learned a lot; it just helps to gain knowledge on what teens are going through. This workshop was phenomenal!
Asdrubal Delgado
Asdrubal D.
I worked with JoAnn for multiple sessions her help and coaching was practical and effective. She was very helpful in creating action steps that helped me with my situation with my Tween. It’s very difficult for adults to understand the changing mind she helped me translate the situations. Very positive outcomes but you must put the work. Strongly recommend.AD
Traci Logue
Traci L.
I greatly enjoyed the workshop "Your Tween and You"! JoAnn did a fantastic job engaging the participants and provided relevant information, delivered in a sensitive, relaxed way. HIghly recommend!
Andrea Marsavonian
Andrea M.
JoAnn Schauf is a blessing to our community! She encourages all of us to realize how capable we are of "being present" for our children in suchpositive ways! Available to each of us is a "re-set button" that refreshes!When there no longer is a need to be adversaries, healthy growth is given room to grow! JoAnn is a deeply caring person who carefully and most effectively guides.The Posts shared online by Your Tween & You are repeatedly worth the time to read!! At their root is wonderful intelligence and significant life experience!! ...All of it being shared, is so very much appreciated.
SipnGiv Giv
SipnGiv G.
Excelent presentation and knowledge about how to work with your teen and not just shut down and scream. Eye opening and very useful information on how to react in a way that works for all.
Next Reviews
Helen Choquette Carroll
Helen Choquette C.
JoAnn is the REAL thing! She is SO passionate about helping families get on the right track. Her love for her profession and clients radiates as soon as she walks into a room. I highly recommend JoAnn if you are seeking direction for you and your adolescent.
Stacey Black
Stacey B.
As an educator I have worked with JoAnn and seen first hand the tremendous results and benefits students and parents have experienced from working with her through numerous situations.
Barbara Parker
Barbara P.
Love this FB page and also the content of the “Your Tween and You” website!! I only wish that this had been available to me before my children become adults! I have suggested to my daughter-in-law that she take advantage of all the great suggestions JoAnn Schauf presents for helping families thrive. My hope is that as a mother of three school age children, including a teenager, she will be able at some point to attend one of Mrs. Schauf’s workshops or arrange “One on One” coaching with her!
Gabriella McCord
Gabriella M.
The insight and guidance I have received through this program was pivotal in my parenting approach. It helped me understand, learn more effective parenting skills and made me feel really supported. Highly recommend!

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