Parent Coaching


Experience the Joy and Confidence being the kind of parent your tween wants to talk to and trusts..

  • Learn how to communicate effectively and eliminate power struggles
  • Build emotional wellness and regulation in you and your child
  • Learn proven leadership skills and strategies so you and your adolescent thrive together.

My goal for you as your raise your remarkable adolescent is to make the journey more comfortable, more enjoyable and more fulfilling.  

Adolescent Coaching

Your adolescent may need to learn the “how-to’s” for achieving goals and building resilience. We coach and inspire tweens/teens so their energy and effort expand from mediocore to  confident. Your transforming child can benefit from extra care and support by our coaching system.

Parent Coaching

The main problem you face today is that when our culture switched and your child became a tween, your parenting style stayed the same. I coach you to learn essential strategies  to raise your remarkable tween with confidence and joy.  You’ll love having a connection built on trust, respect and love! 

Adolescent Coaching

Puberty, fitting in, and peer pressure confounds adolescents.

Learning to self-advocate, setting priorities, as well as earning and giving respect are skills and habits that are often difficult to grasp. As we coach adolescents, we equip them to master the transition to adulthood and empower their sense of self.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful professional relationship where trained coaches assist people to experience extraordinary changes in their lives. They honor and support each client and recognize their brilliance, personal power and motivation to change.

Coaches aid clients to identify their specific vision and goals. This clarity provides clients with impeccable focus and acute awareness of the possibilities before them.  As a coach I empower clients to discover and embrace solutions while providing support, accountability, and unconditional positive regard. 

This extraordinary process and partnership propel clients to pivot their perspective, hone their action and refine their habits. They go forward confidently living life with purpose, accomplishment and pride.

Is Parenting Coaching For You?


 YES! Because your goal is to raise and launch an extraordinary adult child,  you want all the insight, motivation and tools possible today. It’s difficult being an adolescent and parenting your transforming child challenges you. It’s frustrating arguing over the same things: screen time, grades, and chores.  Being on the receiving end of one-word-answers and shoulder shrugs feels like you’re unimportant and being disrespected. 

As a coaching client you’ll learn how to apply proven strategies and be the leader your child needs, admires, and respects. You will shift to influencing and inspiring rather than making threats or punitively punishing.  

 Contact me and and I’ll teach you the empowering skills of parenting leadership.




Did you know if you live in the DFW area I come to you?  Yes, I drive to where you are!













Being prepared and alert make taking action the wise and next step. We can’t worry about failure, but we can be motivated by the thrill of engagement and benefits of hard work.


Mental, physical and moral conditioning are required for achievement at every level. Personal energy and motivation practices are honed in adolescence.


Learning to bounce back stronger from disappointment or failure is a life-long advantage. It’s the inner core’s strength, not the opinion of others, that builds personal depth and steel.

Everything discussed in coaching sessions is confidential. We won’t spy on your child – but rather give you insight into communicating more effectively.

 Adolescent Coaching


Does your child need one-on-one support?

Puberty and identity are major challenges for tweens and teen. Adolescents frequently overlook their strengths, change friends, and take risks. It’s a confusing time,  yet important life decisions are anchored during these years. 

During one-on-one coaching adolescents voice their goals, concerns, and vision. They learn how to  hone new skills, acquire fresh approaches and drop unhelpful attitudes.  Coaching focuses on new habits to thrive today and in the future.


Goal Setting

Learn how to create structured goals with your teen/tween. Shared decision making and collaborating establish committed buy-ins. This approach eliminates many power struggles.


Balancing technology while staying present in the real world is becoming more and more challenging. Learn how to set boundaries and make devices work for good in your child’s life.


Intentionally showing and giving respect builds mutual trust and love like nothing else in relationships. Learn how to develop  these habits  with  parent leadership skills.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?


Do you and your adolescent have difficulty communicating with each other??


Do your emotions control you more than you'd like?


Do you want to have fewer conflicts and more respect?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, coaching is for you!

Coaching will show you how to stay focused, find clarity, and learn habits that elevate your life.

My Approach to Coaching

With the arrival of adolescence, you need a decidedly different approach to your child and a new box of tools. I believe that investing in yourself will expand and boost your relationship with your tween. This will make their transition out of childhood easier.

As your coach, I empower and motivate you to learn and apply skills, habits, and beliefs that will expand your relationship with your child for the better. You will grasp the unique challenges and massive tasks your tween faces. You will learn how to be the parent leader your tween needs.

Together we will define your goals and set your path to confidence and calm. I will hold you accountable and you’ll do the heavy lifting earning full credit for the vibrant and solid relationship you build with your remarkable child!

How It Works


Schedule a Free Consultation

All coaching begins with a free in-person, ZOOM, or phone consultation. We’ll learn about each other, your goals, and determine what’s best for you. 

Choose a Coaching Plan

As your goals become defined, I will recommend a coaching package for you. Most of us want a quick fix, but change can be difficult and takes time.

Reach Your Goals

You will learn fresh leadership skills,  strategies, and approaches. It is the process of applying these that bring your goals to fruition!

Coaching Packages

Action Sessions

This 4 session package is designed for something small that would benefit from tweaking. We will meet over the course of a month in-person or on the phone. 





Two Parents


Growth Sessions

This 8 session package is designed for honing new skills, practices and strategies. We will meet over two months in-person or on the phone.

1 Parent


1 Adolescent


Two Parents


Success Sessions

This 12 session package is designed to firmly establish and implement fresh strategies and successes. We will meet in-person or on the phone once a week over three months.

1 Parent


1 Adolescent


Two Parents


Frequently Asked Questions

Guarantees from Your Tween & You
  • To be listedned to and unconditionally accepted
  • To be challenged and held accountable for making changes
  • To grow in a safe, nurturing and confidential climate
Who is Coaching for?

Moms and dads of tweens/teens and tween/teens

How will we work together?

We will have 30 minute weekly conferences. You’ll have assigned homework with email access to me between sessions. We’ll find the perfect coaching package for you. We will agree on a weekly time for our conferences. Day, evenings and weekends are available.

Expectations from you
  • Commit to the process and be honest
  • Embrace that change is challenging
  • Believe that you have the power to create something new
Why should we work together?

You’ll boost your skills, understanding and connection with your teen/tween. You deserve to make your life more enjoyable and easier. You are a person of action and now is a critical time.

Where will we meet?

We can meet face to face if you live in the Dallas area. Outside the Dallas area, we’ll connect on the phone or video conference.

Book a free consultation here.

Our mission is the help your family thrive!