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My mission is to help your family thrive.

Your Tween & You empowers and supports you as your child transforms from a child to an adult. It’s not an easy task! Adolescents need you more than ever and rely on your insight, wisdom, and leadership. This is because they have no experience with puberty, are confounded by belonging and fitting in, and their brains are not fully operational when it comes to decision making.

It’s so common to feel perplexed or that you’re falling short as a parent when your child is moody, challenges the rules, gives one word answers, or responds with indifference. I’ve helped parents just like you learn exceptional parenting skills that results in launching extraordinary adults.

My Story as a Counselor and Coach

JoAnn Schauf, MS, LLC,  began her professional counseling career in California and for twenty years provided counseling services to  public schools and colleges in Texas.  When cell phones were put in the hands of adolescents, parents felt on the outside of their tween and teens lives more than ever. JoAnn responded to their angst and frustration by founding Your Tween & You in 2016. Her mission then and now is to empower parents so families will thrive. 

She received a Top Entrepreneur Award in Dallas in 2017. She’s a member of the Texas Counseling Association, contributes to local media, and stays in contact with her readers with a bi-monthly newsletter, The Tween Times.

A sought-after parenting coach and inspiring speaker, JoAnn empowers and inspires parents to become the leaders their adolescents need. She understands that it’s challenging to be in the body of an adolescent, and equally frustrating to be the parent of one. Those she’s touched call her the “Parent Whisperer” because what they learn and apply transforms their relationships with their children.

JoAnn and her husband raised four children, all of whom who are now successful adults with families of their own. Every holiday season her family and friends eagerly await a box of her famous fudge. It won’t be long before JoAnn’s book for parents of tweens will be available.

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Parent Centered Approach


Adolescence is a serious time of transformation! Tween and teens need their parents to engage, relate, and connect with them. I teach specific skills, strategies and tools that facilitate and boost parents’ leadership and communication skills. Parents learn “how to” grow emotional wellness and resilience, understand and support the developmental stages, and embrace shared decision making and second chances.

I believe in you! And I believe learning together is better than doing it alone. I’d love to coach you or present a parenting workshop to your group or school. You will love the experience and be thrilled with the results!

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Our mission is the help your family thrive!

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