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Your Tween & You

We Help Families Thrive

It’s challenging being an adolescent….
And perplexing raising one.

We give you the tools and strategies to thrive together. We coach parents and furnish engaging workshops.

Parent Coaching

You would benefit knowing the system that enables you to move beyond power struggles, disrespectful behavior, and technology battles with your child. Our personal coaching is the answer.

Parent Workshops

Let us empower the parents in your group with skills and strategies that make parenting easier. 100% engagement. Zero boredom. Completely useful at home.

We Empower Parents Like You

Learn Fresh Strategies and Skills to Build a Remarkable Relationship With Your Adolescent.

You’ve noticed increased power struggles, a changing body, and emotional eruptions in your child.

You need a new set of abilities to understand the transformation, create meaningful dialogues, and be a genius when it comes to emotions.

Let us teach you the system that makes the adolescent years smoother for both of you.

Parent Coaching: It’s For You

You Worry and Stress Over:

  • One-word answers
  • Battles over technology
  • Indifference to expectations
  • Being disrespected

The best investment you’ll make in your child is you getting one-on-one coaching to learn the system of connecting with your remarkable adolescent. You’ll learn how to stop the power struggles and emotional outbursts.

GROWTH SESSIONS These are designed for parents wanting to establish a new template to optimize the connection with their child. The Growth Package consists of eight half-hour sessions spread over two months.

SUCCESS SESSIONS These sessions are aimed for parents who want to firmly establish new strategies and skills, and build a relationship with their child based on trust, respect, and love. The Success Package consists of twelve weekly half hour sessions spread over three months.

Contact JoAnn before you’re at your breaking point!

Guarantees from JoAnn
  • To be listened to and unconditionally accepted
  • To be challenged and held accountable for making changes
  • To grow in a safe, nurturing, and confidential climate
Expectations From You
  • Commit to the process and be honest
  • Embrace that changing is challenging
  • Believe that you have the power to create something new
How Will We Work Together?

Who:  Moms and dads of tweens and teens

What:  We will have 30-minute weekly conferences. You’ll have assigned homework. You’ll have email access to me between sessions. We’ll find the perfect package for you.

When: We will agree on a weekly time for our conferences. Day, evenings, and weekends are available.

Where:  We can meet face to face if you live in the Dallas area. Outside the area we’ll talk or Skype.

Why: You’ll boost your skills, understanding, and connection. You deserve to make your life more enjoyable and easier. You are a person of action and now is a critical time.

“As a result of being coached by JoAnn, the contentious relationship between my daughter and me ended. I learned that it was me who had to take the high road and make changes. JoAnn’s challenges and encouragement motivated me. She believed in me. Now, I’m proud of the changes I’ve made, and  I look forward to spending time with her. JoAnn held me accountable, encouraged, and motivated me. She believed in me. Now, I’m proud of the changes I’ve made, and my time with my daughter is enjoyable.


“JoAnn taught me how to design and build stronger relationships with my children based on respect, trust, and love. She challenged me in ways that increased my enthusiasm, energy, and empathy. The insights and strategies I acquired spill over into my relationships with my students, friends, and family. Life couldn’t be better.”


Start With a Free 30 Minute Private Coaching Session

Parent Workshops: Host Your Group

Parenting Workshops teach skills and strategies that strengthen the connection between you and your child. Our mission is to Empower you with strategies and skills so you will:

  • Reach your tween/teen with understanding, empathy, and emotions
  • Inspire your adolescent to be responsible, respectful and reliable
  • Collaborate with your child using shared decision making and trust

Our workshops offer you and your group the opportunity to laugh and learn in a welcoming and entertaining environment. You’ll love how easy it is to apply what you’ve learned at home. Best of all you and your adolescent will thrive together.

* There are no tricks to “get” your child to obey or perform.

You don’t want to be this parent!

Workshops for Elementary Schools

Parents are frustrated by power struggles and push back from their kids.

“Hey, I’m Okay!” (K – 6)

  • Boost Emotional Wellness
  • Develop Resilience
  • Build Grit

Stop the Drama!” (K – 6)

  • Using empathy
  • Being the model
  • Understanding perception

“Look What’s Coming!” (5th & 6th)

  • Puberty preparation
  • Collaboration
  • Connecting

“The group interaction, entertaining clips, and JoAnn’s stories make the workshops fun! The best part was that when I applied the strategies at home, I felt confident and the power struggles ended!”

 Lauren, CHES

We Help Families Thrive!

Contact Us Today (214) 450-6276

Middle and High School Workshops

Parents are frustrated by power struggles and push back from their adolescents.

What Were You Thinking?

  • Understanding Puberty
  • Shared decision-making
  • Ownership

Today was the Worst Day Ever!

  • Perception
  • Empathy
  • Building Grit

We’re More than Okay!

  • Expectations
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Seconds

We Help Families Thrive!

Click to Contact Us Today (214) 450-6276

“The group interaction, entertaining clips, and JoAnn’s stories make the workshops fun! The best part was that when I applied the strategies at home, I felt confident and the power struggles ended!”

Lauren - CHES

“JoAnn Schauf is a dynamic speaker who uses experience and humor to equip parents for the tween years. She teaches strategic parenting so we and our Tweens can do more than survive middle school.


Contact Us For More Info and to Schedule a Parent Workshop

Your Tween & You Workshops Have Been Hosted By:

  • Frisco ISD and PTAs
  • Lewisville ISD and PTAs
  • Plano ISD and PTAs
  • Richardson ISD and PTAs
  • St. Philip, Flower Mound, TX
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Grace Presbyterian Church
  • Young Men’s Service League
  • St. Ann, Coppell, TX
  • St. Gabriel, McKinney, TX
  • St. Joseph, Richardson, TX
  • St. Mark, Plano, TX
  • Flower Mound YMCA
  • Youth Going Above and Beyond, Lewisville, TX
  • Hebron Chapter National Charity League, Plano, TX
  • Poway Chapter National Charity League, San Diego, CA

About JoAnn Schauf

JoAnn Schauf began her professional counseling career in California. Later, as a counselor in schools and colleges in Texas, JoAnn supported students, families and educators providing guidance, presenting professional trainings, and creating innovative programs.

JoAnn responded to the needs of parents of adolescents by founding Your Tween & You in 2016. She received a Top Entrepreneur Award in Dallas in 2017. She’s a member of the Texas Counseling Association, contributes to local media, and stays in contact with her readers with a bi-monthly newsletter, The Tween Times.

A sought-after coach and speaker, JoAnn empowers and inspires parents with the system and secrets to thrive together during adolescence. She understands that it’s challenging to be in the body of an adolescent, and equally frustrating to be the parent of one. Those she’s touched call her the “Parent Whisperer” because what they learn and apply transforms their relationships with their children.

JoAnn and her husband Dave raised four children, all of whom were adolescents. Every holiday season her family and friends eagerly await a box of her famous fudge. It won’t be long before JoAnn’s book for parents of tweens will be available.

Invite JoAnn to Speak at Your Next Event!

As an expert on adolescents and parenting them, JoAnn Schauf is a popular speaker. With stories right out of her counseling office, hilarious video clips, and fun activities, audiences love her.

She claims, and it’s true, that it’s easier to learn with laughter than data. Her goal is to send everyone home with at least one new strategy to connect better and take care of number one. In the human world it’s relationship, relationship, RELATIONSHIP.

Invite JoAnn to share the system and secrets to connecting well!

Popular Themes

  • Building emotional wellness while controlling yours
  • Using empathy to master connecting
  • Exercising the resilience muscles
  • Understanding the trio of trials

JoAnn’s Speaking Engagements

  • Texas Counselor Association conferences
  • National Charity League and Young Men’s Service League
  • Parental Involvement Conference
  • Professional developments for educators
  • Counselor Professional Training
  • Rotary Clubs: Irving, Flower Mound, Dallas, and Coppell

“JoAnn shared with our parents what they should expect as their child enters middle school. The parenting and leadership strategies are invaluable”

Sean Perry, Principal, Homestead Elementary School

“JoAnn explains things in a way that parents can fully grasp, take home, and make their lives better with their tweens/teens. JoAnn makes teenagers not so scary!”.


Schedule JoAnn to Speak at Your Next Event

Articles to Help Build Your Parenting Skills

You’ll love this collection of articles, Ted Talks, and videos.
Click and stay current on the latest news and ideas to bring out the parent leader in you.

Contact JoAnn for Coaching, Workshops, Speaking Engagements!

The Tween Times Newsletter

Helping you connect with your tween

Latest Newsletter:
Here’s What Happened

We were elated and relieved when Jayme Closs escaped from the man who murdered her parents, kidnapped her, and held her captive.

Unfortunately, it was incorrectly reported by many sources: “We found. Police discovered. Jayme Closs was located!” None of those things happened.

Here’s what happened.

On the 88th day of Jayme Closs’ imprisonment, her abductor left the house where she was confined under a bed. This remarkable 13-year-old girl, summoned her strength and wits, energized her will, and believed in herself so profoundly that she pushed her way out of the trap. In oversized men’s shoes without a coat in the Wisconsin cold she told the first person she encountered who she was and asked for help.

We need to express her actions like this, “Jayme bolted. Jayme planned. Jayne seized the moment. Jayme never gave up. Jayme courageously broke out of the prison. Jayme escaped. Jayme is the hero of her story. Jayme triumphed.”

When the facts were altered and credit was wrongly applied, the true champion, Jayme, was not honored, recognized, or applauded for her actions. Instead, she was undermined. Not one of us wanted it to be that way. The truth is that she, and she alone, escaped and regained her freedom.

This point is essential for Jayme, and for all of us. It’s imperative that ownership and credit be given solely to the architect, originator, and designer of the act.

We can do this as parents. We can invite our daughter to tell the doctor her symptoms, listen as she spells out her study routine that resulted in her earning that A, and ask her to describe the strategy she used to score the goal that won the game. By using their voices, sharing their stories and recounting their steps, they grasp their value and embrace their strength. Let’s let them tell their stories.

I hope you are well. If I can help you, I’m an email away.

Thanks for all you do raising your remarkable children,


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