Wake up Call

Wake up Call

I watched 13 Reasons Why over the weekend. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and your child.

13 Reasons Why portrays substance abuse, rape, mental illness, underage drinking, violence, homelessness, bullying, suicide, secrets, PTSD, sex, grief, abandonment, friendship, peer pressure, ignorance, and failure.

Have you talked about 13 Reasons Why with your child? Don’t give into fear, or worry that talking about suicide will cause it. It won’t. It will remove the stigma and shame of depression, feeling alone, and mental illness. And, it opens the door to knowing that support and treatment are just as valid and available as getting a broken leg casted. Talking about suicide and listening to your child makes you a trusted resource for support, treatment, and transparency.

You know that being an adolescent is complicated, confusing, and confounding. Tweens and teens are unable to sort out their feelings. Their brains can’t be relied upon to make sound decisions. They are easily influenced and swayed. Often they can’t see past the immediacy of the one moment or emotion in front of them. They need you more than ever.

I know the depth of your love. I’ve seen the tragedy, grief, and heartbreak of suicide. If you, your child, or someone you know needs help, take action. Sit with them. Get help. Reach out here.