The #1 Valentine This Year

The #1 Valentine This Year

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Parenting Adolescents, Trending, Tween Times


The media and stores do a fantastic job reminding us that it’s time to purchase Valentines. I know you plan to show love to those who you hold in your heart, especially your tween daughter who greets you with a snarl some mornings and your young man who saw you in the carpool line and gave you the man-nod yesterday. You didn’t even know he knew the man-nod – you know that quick chin-lift.

I digressed, sorry. I want you to be your Valentine this year.too. Not because you won’t be loved and showered upon by others. Rather because after two years of keeping all the things going, you, #1, deserve exquisite and kind self-care. If you can’t think of what you’d like short of a trip to Hawaii or a live-in maid, I’ve got self-spoiling ideas for you.

Luxurious new bed pillows

Soft slippers

Fuzzy socks

Facial exfoliant treatment and hydrating cream

Local honey, tea, and sweets

Comfy high thread-count cotton sheets

Moisturizing sleep gloves

Aromatherapy for your bedroom and workspace

Bath pillow and delicious bubble bath

Soft facial cloths and eyebrow trimmers

A phone charger that doesn’t need to be plugged into your phone

Eye shadows and mascara

A new make-up bag

Gardening gloves and hand tools

Sports bra and ankle socks

Pink tulips

It happens all too frequently you’re out shopping, you see these kinds of things – and you keep on going. Don’t do that this week. Put some in your cart for you this Valentine’s Day.

And don’t forget to look in the mirror and remind yourself that you love yourself and that you’re a badass. You are in good company!



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