Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz

Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun with this seasonal quiz. Scroll down for the answers.

1. Is pumpkin pie still the most popular dessert on Thanksgiving?

2. What NFL team played the first football game on Thanksgiving Day? And in what year?

3. On this Thanksgiving, how many turkeys will Americans eat?

4. Who was the first US president to pardon the turkeys presented to him for Thanksgiving?

5. What network has broadcast The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade it since 1952?

6. Which president declared Thanksgiving a national holiday? And what year?

7. Which one of these countries does not have a national Thanksgiving holiday: Canada, Mexico, or China?

8. True or false, at least half of all consumers in the US are willing to wake up early on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get a good deal.

9. Is the turkey native to America?

10. What year was the first documented Thanksgiving celebrated in the US?

I’m thankful for you and your commitment to raising your remarkable child. Have a wonderful holiday with your family. I’m always here for you.




1. Yes, followed by apple, sweet potato, and cherry.
2. Detroit Lions, 1934
3. 46 million
4. Ronald Regan
5. NBC
6. Lincoln 1863
7. China
8. True
9. Yes
10. 1621