Technology didn’t suck last week!

Technology didn’t suck last week!

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Parenting Adolescents, Trending, Tween Times


Do you vacillate between absolute appreciation and irritating impatience with technology? I suspect we share these extremes from time to time. Bypassing my urge to complain, I’m focusing on how technology brought me joy last week.

If you’re not already obsessed with Wordle, a daily game that gives you six chances to guess a five-letter word, I encourage you to play. It’s easy to share your score with your tribe or tween without giving away the answer. Oh, and it’s free.

Want to have some fun outside? Last week we explored our city on foot using this scavenger-hunt site. Together we figured out the clues and found cool things hiding in plain sight. 

Have you bought Girl Scout cookies yet? This organization dedicates itself to building girls’ courage, confidence, and character. This year’s new cookie, Adventurefuls, is my favorite. Cookies are easy to buy in front of the stores where you shop, from the Girl Scouts in your neighborhood, and online. 

Last week, we celebrated Random Acts of kindness Day. Who among us doesn’t want an unexpected boost? It’s not hard to write a positive review, wheel your neighbors’ trash bin to their house, and acknowledge your tween’s sense of style. Let’s make kindness a norm.

My favorite 14-year-old and I had a blast as she shared her favorite videos. She laughed as hard as I did at her school’s Insta account, pets fooling people on TikTok, and unlikely sports victories. I’m sure you have fun doing too, too.

Here’s to us for making technology work in our favor!  



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