Solve “It”

Solve “It”

Full garbage can

Which prompt would be the best to start a conversation with your child about the trash can not getting wheeled to the curb?

  1. “You didn’t take out the garbage this morning.”
  2. “Why didn’t you take out the garbage this morning?”
  3. “The garbage didn’t get taken out this morning.”

The answer is Number 3 – “The garbage didn’t get taken out this morning.”

This quiz is about problem identification. The child is not the problem. The full garbage can is. You get it. You see the difference in perspective. Your child is on the solution side of the equation with you. “It’ can never be a human.

‘It’ is the problem that needs to be solved. ‘It’ matters and needs a viable and valid solution. ‘It’ has consequences if not attended. ‘It’ is part of system with parameters.

You realize you need two solutions. One for the currently over flowing garbage can and this week’s trash. The other, for establishing who will do what, when, and how often getting the trash container to the curb weekly.

Hey, this need not be negative or gnarly. Your tween and you can collaborate and solve ‘it.’

What else is an ‘it?’ Homework, bedtime, practicing lessons, feeding and walking animals, yard work, packing the back pack, doing laundry, and more. All are opportunities to learn, gain skills, and be proud.

Let me know how the perception and action of solving ‘it’ affects you. I’m here for you if you ever need help.