Make Dad Feel Loved this Father’s Day

Make Dad Feel Loved this Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Let this be the year your tween and you devise a Father’s Day plan where dad gets to be stress free and has fun.

You’ll need to figure out how dad would like to be celebrated. Would going hiking, sorting family pictures, or participating in a 5K be his idea of fun? Would playing board games or cards, having a Star Wars film festival, or going on an inside-the-house scavenger hunt make him happy? What could you do together that would be interactive and enjoyable for him?

Of course, you’ll plan to have his favorite foods and dessert. Your tween may want to start the day by making and bringing dad breakfast in bed. Or cooking together. Make the menu and presentation all about him.

In addition to planning the food and fun together, talk to your your tween what they appreciate about their dad and what he does that makes them feel special. Encourage them to express their feelings of gratitude in a card, top ten list or a letter. He will feel honored by this gesture and reminded of his positive influence. Who doesn’t like to be reminded they’re loved and respected?

Happy planning for a happy Father’s Day!