Love Wins!

Love Wins!

There’s a valid reason this issue of The Tween Times is late. And why the picture of the basketball hoop doesn’t make sense.

Last night we celebrated my friend getting to raise her sweet child! It was one of the best days ever.

For eighteen wretched months she amassed debt for legal costs. She battled the rejection of an unwanted divorce. She was paralyzed by fear, terrified by the abyss of the unknown, and depressed because she spent so few hours each week with her child.

Yet, her love never wavered nor did her fight to raise her child. She kept her job and family together. She believed. She. Never. Gave. Up.

I had the privilege of being part of her crew. A band of friends who listened to her pain, understood her tears, and loved her. We ached for her. We’d bleed for her. We each stood in awe of our friend’s courage, bravery, and integrity. She reminded us that love is made of steel.

Celebrating this marvelous ruling consumed us! Joy and relief washed over us, blocking the to-dos of life, like getting this newsletter out on time! I know you understand. You’d stand with your friend and celebrate, too.

Here’s to celebrating the best days of our lives!