I’m Just Like You

I’m Just Like You

It’s both the angst and hope of every adolescent to be able to say “I’m just like you.” These are the first words spoken by Simon, the protagonist, in the movie Love, Simon.

Although the movie is touted as a romantic comedy, the central story line is Simon’s fear and anxiety about revealing he is gay. Although homosexuality is not always a comfortable issue, it’s likely that your child will know and befriend gay peers.

Simon, a senior in high school, struggles. He’s scared. Will his family and friends still love and stand with him when they know? How different and difficult will life become? How will he be perceived? He’s heard the stories. He wants to keep his secret until he’s away at college.

Through a school blog, Simon develops an online relationship with a classmate who, like him, is gay and in the closet. Neither knows who the other is. The drama intensifies when a social misfit happens upon the emails they’ve exchanged. He blackmails Simon.

Do I think it’s okay for you and your older child to see? Yes. It’s part of your child’s world. You’ll like the insight. You’ll appreciate the openers for conversations, and that means mostly listening without judgement on your part, about loyalty and fear, support and acceptance, drinking, blackmail, and pressure. Talking points:

  • It’s more difficult than I realized to be gay.
  • Simon felt confident and fit-in holding on to his secret.
  • Which friend felt most betrayed?
  • How would you support people different from you?
  • It’s got to be difficult not to drink when everyone else does.