The Horribly High Stakes of Social Media

The Horribly High Stakes of Social Media

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Parenting Adolescents, Trending, Tween Times

The Social Dilemma is a Call to Action.

I’m not an alarmist, but I want you to stream The Social Dilemma. This documentary points out the incendiary manipulation of our brains by the big tech giants. It lays bare the egregious results of their data mining, targeted feeds, and unvetted information rendered as fact. You and I have had this dis-ease in our gut about them: the harmful social and emotional effects, their unchecked capitalism, and our complete lack of privacy—this documentary a must-see for all users.


Here’s a preview:

Borrowing from Inside Out‘s display of emotions, men shown in cavernous computer storage facilities voice the algorithms. They illustrate big techs’ exploitation of each user by targeting and contriving feeds, content, ads, and suggestions. Not for us, the users’ benefit, but for theirs.

A family portrays the addiction element and attempts to control device usage. Each notification, like, and recommendation pings our brain to release dopamine, stimulating our pleasure center. Of course, we want more! We can’t resist! The flip side is proven harm to mental health, decision making, and risk-taking.

Interviews with ex-employees who were initial platform builders and designers, critics, and academics provide history, ominous warnings, and suggest caution. You will hear the regret in some of their voices.

My heart lies with families, and I have no credentials to review media. Nevertheless, The Social Dilemma earns five stars because of its immediate value and importance to you, me and our children. Check out the preview. And yes, Netflix will know you watched it!

I’d love to know your takeaways and share more of mine next time.


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