Happy Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day 2021

by | May 11, 2021 | Parenting Adolescents, Trending, Tween Times

Happy Mother’s Day

By JoAnn Schauf

The moment we give birth our orientation changes and it never veers. Our very hearts beat for our children. Our motherhood is not for personal attention or applause: it’s rooted in pure love and to gift our children to the world.

I stand in awe of your stamina and strength more than ever. A year ago, you quickly earned an honorary BA in education to support your children learning from home while you juggled work, dealt with cascading disappointments, and followed the isolation rules. You survived an extraordinary year, one that you and your family lived through, learned from, and made memories in.

We women have always been fierce and fearless warriors. This year your fighting spirit was your currency. Think of all that you accomplished and overcame! You chose to respond with grace and creativity. The resolve and courage you honed all your life was primed and ready.

Thank you for being you. We belong to each, we moms. Happy Mother’s Day with love and admiration.



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