5 Ways to Give Your Kid the Edge on Testing Days

5 Ways to Give Your Kid the Edge on Testing Days

SAT testing

It’s testing season; the opportunity for students to show what they know. You can help yours prepare and do their best following these five simple steps.

  1. Sleep: Have them go to bed a half hour earlier. Being well rested improves thinking, processing, and judgement. As always, no screens in bedrooms.
  2. Breakfast: Serve foods high in protein and low in carbs. Too many carbs, including sugar, cause sleepiness. It’s impossible to concentrate with drooping eyelids and a nodding head.
  3. Review: Clarify that one troubling concept with your child. It could be how to identify a proper noun, or remembering the order of operations. It’s not possible to review a year’s worth of content in one night, but focusing on one thing can boost confidence and a skill.
  4. Dress: Wear layers for successful comfort. Often in middle and high school, students are tested in rooms that are unfamiliar to them. Some are freezing, others too warm. Your child will understand what you’re talking about.
  5. Encourage: Keep calm and positive. Ask yours to share their testing taking strategies: it re-affirms their approach. Generously give that kiss on the cheek, pat on the back, and smile!

I appreciate you and all that you do raising your remarkable child.

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