Get it Done: Don’t Let Your Mojo Slip

Get it Done: Don’t Let Your Mojo Slip

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Parenting Adolescents, Trending, Tween Times


Life’s unpredictability in this third decade of the 21 century requires that our mojo, grit, and determination keep us motivated. Should you feel those slipping, you are not alone. But you are not stuck. Because you are wise, you know that doing something, rather than nothing, will give you momentum. Here’s a menu of ideas.


Change perspective. I tumble into the weeds when I over-think my To-Do list, the deliverables my publisher wants, unanswered emails, and balancing family and work. For me, that means my productivity decreases and my stress rises: I waste a commodity I can’t replace – time. Suddenly I catch myself, “wait a second, this is fruitless!” That shifts me to solution-based thinking, and I get things done!

Do one thing. What you do doesn’t have to be big – reply to a text, straighten the picture on the wall, brush your teeth, walk around the block. This one thing notifies your brain to release serotonin – the feel-good hormone. Hopefully, this triggers you to do one more thing, and one more till you’ve got a fresh batch of mojo.

Speak kindly to yourself. We can get upset and speak harshly to ourselves as if we were the enemy. We do it in ways we’d never verbalize to another person. So it would be best if you stopped this – plain and simple because it’s abusive. The danger is that what we tell ourselves, we believe. Rule of thumb – if you wouldn’t say to another person, you can’t say it to yourself. Show yourself the kindness, compassion, and empathy you readily give to others.

Change your mood. I have a coaching client who has an album in her phone photos called Make me Laugh. Another client saves her favorite podcasts and Ted talks for a boost of motivation. And I have a section of quotes that ground me. These pick-me-ups remind us that joy still exists and we are part of it.

Ask for help. It’s a simple matter of rolling down the window and asking for directions. Who says no to helping?  No one, so ask. Where is a charger? Will you listen to me whine for five minutes? Hey boss, I’m lost in the fine points, will you explain them. Will you text me the code, again please? People love to help, but they can’t anticipate your needs all the time, so smile and ask.

Mindfulness matters, so make it work for you.



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