Why Gratitude Doesn’t Suck

Why Gratitude Doesn’t Suck

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Trending, Tween Times

I believe in the power of gratitude and I’m indebted to those who have studied and proven its value. Expressing gratitude affords us a wonderful opportunity to tell those we love how we treasure their actions.

“I’m savoring every sip of coffee and feeling so grateful for you and your friendship. You made my day!”

“I nearly blushed when you winked at me across the dinner table with our kids between us. You made me feel young and sexy.”

“I was so nervous walking into that office – you took my hand and I knew, right then, that everything would be okay.”

Gratitude is a feeling that causes our hearts to sing and spirits to lift. When we purposely appreciate all the green lights, no waiting at the DMV, and that the forgotten refund posted to our account, it’s gratitude we feel. When your daughter shows you her favorite TikTok videos, you cherish being chosen and invited into her life. When we mindfully embrace those small and large things and the people that make our lives sweeter we are filled with gratitude.

Growing gratitude muscles at home happens when we mention events or kindnesses and invite our family members to do the same. Acts of kindness and compassion are treasured more when the joy is wrapped in a story we share with our tribe.

“I moved up a notch today in PE. I was not the last one picked for kickball.”

“I was nervous waiting for my review, but my boss walked out and smiled at me. She said she’d been looking forward to telling me how well I’ve done.”

“I did not finish my homework and told my teacher before class started. She said she admired my honesty and gave me a day of grace. Boy, I didn’t see that coming!”

Sharing our words, actions and thoughts serve to inspire love, inject optimism and invite closeness. Go now, embrace active gratitude. Live the life you were meant to live with thoughtful and benevolent gratitude. You’ve got what it takes!

What are you grateful for today?

P.S. I’m grateful for my newest hire, Andrew, who makes me laugh and whose clever ideas inspire me.