Welcome, December

Welcome, DecemberHello Dcember

How did December become larger than life? How did a zillion little and grand things become attached to it? I have no idea. But, these seven ideas will help keep your adrenaline in check, your mood upbeat, and you and your kids happy celebrating December together.

  1. Shop online and have every gift delivered to the location where it will be opened. I started this seven years ago. Best.Time.Saver.
  2. Carve out some time with your kids to make rice crispy treats (easy and fun) and fudge (for the chocolate lover and foodie.) They make delightful teacher and co-worker gifts.
  3. Order holiday cards with your name inscribed. Have your computer expert tween/teen print the address and return address labels. Collate them together and tell stories about each person your kids haven’t met.
  4. Set a bed time for you, for every night in December. Commit to it no matter what. You’ll thank yourself.
  5. Ask your child to make a playlist that includes some of everyone’s favorite holiday songs. You’ll love the cheerful humming and singing as it’s played at home and in the car.
  6. Set a budget and stick to it. Make coupons for specific activities your child enjoys doing with you. Think ‘presence’ not presents.
  7. Forget about making a big turkey dinner… grill steaks, bake potatoes, make a salad and cook one vegetable. Have fun playing games, watching movies or football, and doing puzzles.

Love your December, love your life.
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