Your Best Thanksgiving Ever

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My family has a Thanksgiving tradition that I think yours would love, too. It’s always memorable, sometimes funny, and lasts forever. No calories. No cooking. No clean-up.

How it works:

  • Prepare everyone you’re celebrating with ahead of time. Invite them to think of one personal thing they are grateful for from the past year, and then be ready to briefly share it at the table.
  • Ask someone to record each person’s gratitude item in a special notebook.
  • Once everyone is seated, but before you start passing the turkey and mashed potatoes, go around the table having each person share their one thing. Ensure everyone’s is written down.
  • Stow the notebook, bring it to next year’s Thanksgiving, repeat the above and read from the previous year(s) during dinner.

Here are some samples from Our Thanksgiving notebook:

Uncle Joe: I love Mary. I’m so happy we didn’t get divorced!

Mom: I’m grateful that we’re using paper plates again this year.

Logan: I beat Mom, Dad and Macy at Monopoly last night. First time I ever won!

Macy: I got Walter for making the honor roll. Logan thinks he’s the ugliest Bulldog in the world, but I think he’s beautiful.

I urge you to add this to your Thanksgiving traditions. I’m sure you and yours will love it as much as me and mine!

Happy Thanksgiving,


P. S. Yes, we really eat on disposable plates. Totally makes the day more fun!

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