Plan B

Plan B

by | Mar 5, 2019

As if feeling excited and stressed weren’t enough, some high school seniors face the reality that due to low GPAs, SAT scores, or rank, their dreams of being accepted into a top tier college as an incoming freshman won’t happen. It may appear as though “opportunity” has passed them by. My son was one such student.

He was disappointed when he realized he was going to be attending a local junior college. I would be lying if I said he didn’t experience a healthy amount of humility and embarrassment as he watched his friends drive off to their chosen universities. It was barely noticeable at first, the beginning signs of my son’s determination and focus. He was on a mission to show everyone (mostly himself) that this wasn’t going to stop him.

At the junior college, he failed the math placement test for Calculus despite passing it in high school. To our shock he was required to retake several math courses lower than Calculus. Frustrated, but with resolve, he earned a 4.0 his freshman year. With success and confidence under his belt, he went on to earn 4.0 again his sophomore year. He never took his eyes off the University of Texas’ strong academic reputation and, of course, Longhorn sports.

My son was not only accepted into the Cockrell School of Engineering at UT Austin his junior year, but was awarded a generous academic scholarship. He went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Business Certification from the McCombs School of Business. His senior design research project was published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Why is all of this important?It is valuable because parents and students need to know that while high school is definitely one chapter, there will be many others before the book is written.Don’t settle or let disappointments define the future.Be creative, be ambitious, and never tell yourself or your child that the game is over – it may very well be the beginning!

Plano, Texas

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JoAnn Schauf

JoAnn Schauf, Founder of Your Tween & You, began her professional counseling career in California. Later, as a counselor in schools and colleges in Texas, JoAnn supported students, families and educators providing guidance, designing and presenting professional development, and creating innovative programs. JoAnn responded to the needs of parents of adolescents by founding Your Tween & You in 2016. She received a Top Entrepreneur Award in Dallas in 2017. She’s a member of the Texas Counseling Association, contributes to local media, and stays in contact with her readers with a bi-monthly newsletter, The Tween Times. A sought-after coach and speaker, JoAnn empowers and inspires adults and adolescents with the system and secrets to thrive together. She understands that it’s challenging to be in the body of an adolescent, and equally frustrating to be the parent of one. Those she’s touched call her the “Parent Whisperer” because what they learn and apply transforms their relationships with their children. JoAnn and her husband raised four children, all of whom who are now successful adults with families of their own. Every holiday season her family and friends eagerly await a box of her famous fudge. It won’t be long before JoAnn’s book for parents of tweens will be available.