Love Quiz

Love Quiz

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Tween Times

How do you express “I love you!” to your son or daughter? To ensure that special, loved, and cherished feeling? Do you know how he or she prefers to receive love from you?

If you and your child haven’t taken the 5 Love Languages quiz, this is a perfect time. Click here and take the appropriate version. It’s printable, quick, and easy.

As you two talk about your love languages you’ll learn which one speaks directly to your child. You’ll want to use this approach all the time. You will cause you son or daughter to feel more loved and appreciated by you. You’ll be confident your feelings are being received!

Below is a quick glance at the five languages.

  • Words of Affirmation – Hearing words of affirmation, reminders of love, and sincere compliments speaks love. Negative words and criticism are destructive.
  • Quality Time – Receiving 100% attention and being fully present say love. Failing to listen and not being present are wounding.
  • Receiving Gifts – Planning and the efforts behind giving a gift makes this person feel loved. The cost is unimportant. The absence of this attentiveness is hurtful.
  • Acts of Service – Being helpful and making life easier expresses love. Ignoring, laziness, and not taking initiative are harmful.
  • Physical Touch – Showing affection by physically touching communicates love. No touching or painful touching are damaging.

We know that speaking in your child’s love language will make your connection even better! If I can be of help, I’m an email away.