Gatorade, BO, and Dried Snot

Gatorade, BO, and Dried Snot

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Tween Times

My recent coaching client, Kim, asked me to share this story of how her son had to solve his big problem one morning. I give her full credit for bringing out the best in him.

“MOM!” Aiden blurted.

Kim heard her eighth grader’s plea as she was getting ready for work.

A few minutes earlier, Aiden had remembered he had to wear his band shirt today. With a smattering of hope he rummaged through his laundry pile. A-ha! His relief was immediately replaced by pure dread as he held up the shirt; red Gatorade stains, BO stench, and dried snot. Why, did I play basketball in it? Why I didn’t I wash it last night? I’m in trouble! He ran to the washing machine. It was on the rinse cycle.

“Aiden, are you okay?” Kim asked heading towards his voice.

“Mom, can you wash my band shirt and bring it to school before 2:30? Please? I gotta have it for the pep assembly. I have a drum solo. I don’t want to get a zero.”

“I wish I could.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you’re in a tight spot. I’m sorry, I have no flexibility at work today.”

“Is dad still home?”

“Early meeting.”

“I can’t let the band down. Look at my shirt!”

“You’re right, Aiden. It’s not wear-ready.”

“I gotta figure something out!”

“I know you will.”

Kim said a year ago she would have shot back: “Why didn’t you do your laundry? That’s it, no more video games! Why can’t you be more responsible?” Now she understands that Aiden doesn’t need to be reminded that he blew it. He knows. In that year Kim’s seen Aiden gain confidence solving his problems as she listens, encourages, and shows empathy.

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