3 Tweaks 0 Resolutions

3 Tweaks 0 Resolutions

by | Dec 31, 2017 | Tween Times

There is so much hype about New Year’s resolutions. Friends inquire about them. The media nags us. Bosses make plans. I get it. New year, fresh start, clean slate.

I believe comprehensive changes are too much to expect. Especially on the first day after the entire month of bumper to bumper busy December.

May I suggest tweaking your already good habits? Do what you do well a little better. An easy three:

  1. Be a more frequent noticer. Catch your child doing specific things well, get her attention, and give her a verbal compliment or appreciation. Easy.
  2. Make your bed before you leave your bedroom every morning. Easy.
  3. Set and follow your own bedtime and get up time. Use your clock app. Easy.

Are you still thinking you need to lose weight, exercise more, get organized, and more? Me, too. We will. Let’s breathe for a while first. Get our balance. Then, mentally prepare for one change. Not because of the calendar. But because we’re ready.

Enjoy these last of these do-little days. You deserve them.