8 Perks of Living with a Copycat

8 Perks of Living with a Copycat


Your actions serve as the best teacher to grow your children’s character, values and habits. Model what you want to grow in them. They are copy cats!

-To amplify impulse control; put your cell phone in the glove box, control your temper and delay eating that second cookie.

-To orchestrate punctuality; plan your day, manage your time and get enough sleep.

-To widen good judgement; drive the speed limit, collaborate and use a pro-con list for weighing decisions.

-To boost generosity; smile, include others, share your gifts and give away what you don’t need or use.

-To magnify accountability; live the values you teach, keep your promises and hold yourself to higher standards.

-To energize health; take the stairs, get to bed early, and choose water over a soda or beer.

-To stretch optimism; anticipate the best possible outcome, radiate a positive attitude and don’t compare yourself with others (you’ll usually lose.)

-To exercise gratitude; express thanks, be appreciative and count your wins.

You’ll love this no talking, no lecturing, no nagging approach. Watch what happens!