The Difference Between Tweens and Teens

by Randi Mazzella

In just a few weeks my youngest child will go from being a tween to being a full-fledged teen. One day he will be a 12 year-old boy and the next, a 13 TEEN year old.

Having gone through this transition with my two older children, I know this change from tween to teen will be very subtle at first. Small changes will occur in his looks and attitude (some of which have already started). Then suddenly, I will look at my once little boy and realize he has morphed into a young man before my very eyes.

What kind of changes am I talking about? Allow me to explain the six signs that your tween is becoming a teen:


What’s the first sign your tween is turning into a teen? You have to wake them up for school or set an alarm. Biological sleep patterns change as tweens become teens and they sleep later. Yes, that same adorable child that once thought 5 am was a good time to start the day, now sleeps into the double digits…

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