Off They Go!

Off They Go!

by | Aug 13, 2019

Gratitude from parents this week:

Once school starts I won’t miss these texts: Ryan stole my iPad, Emma ate my leftover pizza, Kyle won’t tell me the Wi-Fi password.

Stephanie, my carpool partner, is taking the morning run. She already
gave my sleepy middle schoolers the non-negotiable-morning-departure time. I love her!

Even my shoes and clothes aren’t taxed during Tax-Free weekends!

I want to kiss the person who invented the wrap-pack! Never again do I have to set foot in “those” stores with 17 isles and a million choices of school supplies.

First day & Week Advice

Your child will be especially exhausted the first day and the first week school. Eat at home and try not to schedule anything. Forget the fancy breakfast, too. You’re not immune to first week fatigue.

Make copies of all those forms you have to sign. The ones your child must return the next day. You won’t have time to read them and at some point you’ll need to refer to it later.

Keep calm and let your child have their emotions. Once he or she is settled down, you can listen and ask questions last*.

Smile more than usual – it’s contagious and kind.

You may be worn out from hearing me extol the wonders of your child having and following a bed time. They need the sleep. You’ll thank me later.

It’s especially hard for 6th graders not to have recess. They will love playing outside after school.

Have a great start and remember, you’re smarter and wiser than your tween/teen. Don’t be fooled by their tech skills – that’s artificial intelligence.
*Click here to read learn the secrets.

P.S. Remind your child to be friendly and make friends with a new student.

Warm regards and appreciation for all you do,