Mastering Being Home with Kids During Coronavirus

Mastering Being Home with Kids During Coronavirus

by | Mar 14, 2020 | Trending, Tween Times

Because businesses have been shuttered and socialising distanced we have the gift of unexpected time at home. In no particular order are suggestions.

Closet purging isn’t just for grown-ups

No more joy? Too small? Done with it? Teach your kids how to purge. Donate those things to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local charity. You’ll get a bit of joy back with tax deductions as well as cleaner and roomier closets. Plus, you and your kids will know someone else will be using what you once loved.


Cooking is often overlooked as a collaborative and creative experience. Find your inner Rachael Ray and make something together with only what’s in your pantry or freezer. By the way, did you buy the supplies to make that one thing you adored on Pinterest? With everyone’s expertise and help it could be a cool project. Getting outdoors beats away the “I have to be home” blues and sprucing up the yard and beds is not an entirely bad idea.

Sorry is for everyone

Board games bond us. Counting spaces (I still have trouble with this) weighing choices and strategising get us talking. When we return from refreshing our snacks it’s always fun to figure out whose turn it was. Or you may want to dust off that jigsaw puzzle or teach your kids to play Pinochle, Chess or Hearts.

Phone a friend

Who would have thought we’d be here? We need to be extra kind to ourselves and others. Call your co-worker, drop off a care package to your neighbor or send a card to your loved ones who live in another part of the country. Check in with your child’s teachers and the school websites. And don’t be shy to ask for help if you need anything – including a conversation. Share your humor, take naps and wash your hands.

We know from experience that at times like these, we can count on each other. Even for toilet paper.

We’re in this together,