Practicing Empathy


1. Eighth-grader to Mom in the car: I lent Kate the earrings Grandma handed down to me and she lost one. You know the diamond studs.

2. To spouse in kitchen: I’m tired of being trapped at home because of COVID.

3. To boss on the phone: I’d like to get that report done by 2, and I know you’re expecting it, but I need until tomorrow morning.

4. To a friend while walking: The division of labor at my home house sucks.

Empathy Review

1. Take the other’s perspective

2. No judging

3. Recognize the other’s emotions

4. Don’t act on your emotions

5. Communicate kindly your understanding of the other’s feelings


You weren’t expecting that to happen

You’re anxious about the future. it’s scary not knowing what will happen.

You feel it’s unfair. It’s stressful to take on extra burdens.

It’s been a long time. It’s exhausting being limited

You worried about it.

Something must have happened, you don’t miss deadlines. You sound drained.

I know it’s scary. You don’t know what will happen.