8 Leadership Skills for Work and Home

by Michelle Roya Rad

We humans need to learn many skills to be able to function most productively in different situations. Learning to be a good and effective leader is one of these skills that can be beneficial both at home while raising children and in the work environment, whether a teacher, a director or a manager. To be a good leader means you can bring your authority out and look at the situation objectively and rationally to see how you want to deal with the issue at hand, and in a way that is proficient to both individuals involved and the system they are a part of. Because if you pay too much attention to one and not the other, then disorder happens.

A good leader, whether a parent, director or a manager:

1. Knows how to calm down: You have to learn to calm yourself down even in the midst of a seemingly chaotic situation. This means taking a break from the situation and using tools like meditation, relaxation, going for a walk, exercise or whatever tool works for you to get your emotions in check and to not overreact. Also, to look at the situation from outside and objectively to see what the best option for dealing with it is. This means you cannot act impulsively, cannot react emotionally and need to do a delayed response and cost benefit analysis for the best option when responding…

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