Don’t assume that every student had a fun or warm holiday break

by Kirsten Perry

One of my middle school students was recently sent to me after displaying erratic behavior in class. His teachers had tried to console him and figure out the cause of his outburst. After speaking with his mom, I discovered that the family had recently lost housing and was unable to secure a bed in a shelter the night before. She told me that she had made up a reason to be sick, so that she and her son could spend the night in a local hospital.

Finding a place to sleep is an everyday battle for this mother, and yet what amazed me the most is that despite the turmoil they endured the night before, she made sure that her son got to school on time the next day. In fact, he never misses a day of school.

For this mother and her child, school means something more than just getting an education. School is a place to have food and shelter from the cold. School is a place of support…

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