How to get more than a one-word answer from your teen

How To Get More Than a One Word Answer From Your Teen

by Ariane Beeston

If asking your teen “how was your day?” elicits nothing but one-word answers, then you’re not alone. Is it possible, however, to get something more detailed than “fine”? One psychologist believes it’s doable – with a few little tweaks to our usual after-school routines.

Writing in The New York Times psychologist Lisa Damour explains that the reason your high school student isn’t particularly communicative after a long day, has less to do with rudeness or being overly secretive, and more to do with just how taxing school can be.

“Adolescents may have fun at school with their friends, but they are also in close quarters with scores of peers they didn’t choose,” Damour writes. “The rough adult equivalent would be to spend nine months of the year in all-day meetings with 20 or more random age-mates — and be expected to bounce home and share enthusiastic updates.”

Well, when you put it like that…

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