7 Highly Effective Principles For Parenting Through Middle School & Adolescence

7 Highly Effective Principles for Parenting Through Middle School Adolescence

by Heather Moulder

Deep breaths … you’ve got this.

Parenting is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs on the planet. As the mom of two boys, one of whom is in early adolescence, I’ve learned that my role as a parent primarily revolves around transformation, both in regarding to shaping and witnessing the evolution of their life skills as they grow from children to adults.

I’m also learning first-hand that many of the biggest and toughest changes for parents and teens over the course of a child’s development occur the stage that begins in middle school.

Not only are there plenty of physical changes — such as the fact that my son is officially taller than me and is starting to develop a deeper voice while looking less child-like with each passing day — there are immense mental and emotional transformations going on for him as well…

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